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Sing Your  Order 


Welcome to the Sing Your Order Challenge, a remarkable fundraiser brought to you by Active Lives Canada. This unique challenge invites individuals to participate in a fun and impactful initiative. The Sing Your Order Challenge is a creative endeavor where you nominate friends, family members, coworkers, or even celebrities to take part in an amusing challenge. Participants are tasked with visiting popular fast-food restaurants such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Harvey’s, In-N-Out Burger, and others. However, there's a twist - they have to sing their meal order at the counter and share this delightful moment on social media. This challenge is all about embracing the unexpected, having fun, and demonstrating that every voice matters. Active Lives Canada has set a profound goal - to create the best care for children & adults living with neurological disorders.


          Your support is crucial in bringing us closer to realizing this dream. Part of the contributions raised through the Sing Your Order Challenge will be directed towards supporting essential programs, including camps, respite services, enrichment programs, and day programs for Active Lives Canada. This significant amount will help create a nurturing and empowering environment where participants can access these vital resources, fostering personal growth and enhancing their lives. Active Lives Canada has always believed in pushing boundaries and embracing the extraordinary. Now, it's your turn to step out of your comfort zone and take on the Sing Your Order Challenge. It's $20 to participate, and if you'd rather pass the challenge along without singing, it's $50. You have 24 hours to upload your video, once challenged.


          Your involvement, donations, and sharing the challenge with others will help us reach new heights of impact and possibility. Getting started is easy. Just nominate someone you'd like to see take on the challenge, and watch as they sing their order at a fast-food restaurant. Share their performance on social media using #SingYourOrderChallenge and tag Active Lives Canada. Let's create a symphony of support, inclusion, and change. 


          Together, we can raise funds, raise spirits, and raise the roof on what's possible.


Using these hashtags to spread the word and connect with others:


            #SingYourOrderChallenge  #ActiveLivesCanada and  #SYOCALC   #ALC  #SYOC

Some Restaurants You Can   
Go To:


Active Lives   

Active Lives is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive community for children, youth, and adults with neurological disorders, all while celebrating neurodiversity. We offer a wide range of programs designed to empower individuals of all abilities.


Active Lives Canada's Respite Program is a vital service designed to offer families facing challenging circumstances a safe and supportive environment. It provides short-term relief, ranging from a few days to several months, for individuals with special needs, allowing families a well-deserved break and peace of mind.


Our Respite Program offers safety, professional care, and a sense of community. Families can take a break to address their own needs, knowing their loved ones are in capable hands. It's an essential part of our mission to empower individuals of all abilities and provide comfort and support to those who need it most.


Our Respite Home-Everyone needs a break and that’s why Active Lives Canada offers a Respite program. Both families and participants benefit from time away.  Our home welcomes young kids to adults with neurological disorders.  It is situated in a beautiful century Victorian home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is accessible and fully automated with smart technology.  Along with homey and welcoming surroundings there are individualized care plans.  We offer safety, professional care and a sense of community.  It’s an essential part of our mission to empower individuals of all abilities and provide comfort and support to those who need it most.


In addition to our Summer Camps, our "Day Program" provides a haven for personal growth and development for individuals of all ages. We empower participants with opportunities to work on a variety of skills, including:


- Culinary Arts: Learning cooking and nutrition skills to promote independence.

- Life Skills: Developing essential daily life skills for self-sufficiency.

- Computer Skills: Enhancing digital literacy and computer skills for personal and professional use.

- Social Skills: Building and refining interpersonal communication and social interaction skills.

- Job Skills: Offering job coaching and vocational training to prepare for the workforce.

- Leisure Skills: Exploring leisure activities and hobbies for personal enjoyment and relaxation.


The Theatrical Puppetry Arts Program at Active Lives Canada engages our participants in the multi faceted art of puppetry.  Through various acting workshops and exercises each participant develops their characters into a live puppet production that goes on to tour to local elementary schools,  libraries and culminates at a community theater.  Creating a puppet production encourages participants to explore skills and go beyond their comfort zones.  The process is fun and empowering for the Active Lives Participants and the impact it can have on audiences is astonishing.  When audience members experience the unexpected  humour, courage and spectacle of our Theatrical Puppetry Arts Program it changes perspectives and opens hearts.


Active Lives Canada is committed to the principles of inclusion, diversity, and safety. We celebrate the unique abilities and contributions of each individual within our community, providing these programs for all ages. We rely on the support of donors, volunteers, and supporters who share our mission of empowering lives. Active Lives is not just an organization; it's a vibrant and caring community that nurtures potential and offers support where it's needed most.

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