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The rules for the Sing Your Order Challenge are straightforward, making it a fun and engaging experience:


1. Accept the Challenge:

   - You can kick off the challenge yourself or be nominated by someone who has already participated.

No need to wait for a nomination; start your own chain of fun! It's $20 to participate, and if you'd rather pass the challenge along without singing, it's $50. You have 24 hours to upload your video, once challenged.


2. Record a Video:

   - Film a video of yourself at a fast-food restaurant singing your meal order to support Active Lives Canada.


-At the beginning of your Video before you start signing please include the following:

     i. Your name.

     ii. Your job or position (if you like).

     iii. A shout-out to the person who challenged you.

     iv. State your acceptance by saying, "I accept the Sing Your Order Challenge for Active Lives Canada."

     v. Share the amount of your donation for Sing Your Order Challenge.

     vi. Nominate others to take the challenge.


3. Share on Social Media:

   - Upload your entertaining video on social media platforms using the

     hashtags:  #SingYourOrderChallenge  #ActiveLivesCanada and  #SYOCALC   #ALC #SYOC


4. Support Active Lives Canada:

   - Your contribution, whether it's through participation, donations, or spreading the word, directly aids Active Lives Canada's charitable initiatives, including supporting individuals with autism and other neurological disorders.


Join the Sing Your Order Challenge and let your voice be heard in support of Active Lives Canada and those in need!

"Participating in the Sing Your Order Challenge was such a blast! Not only did it make me step out of my comfort zone, but it also warmed my heart knowing that our silly singing could make a real difference in people's lives. It's a fun and creative way to support Active Lives Canada's fantastic cause."

Sarah H.

Four Friends

Are you itching for some playful payback? The Sing Your Order Challenge is here, offering you the perfect opportunity to turn the tables and have a good laugh!

Ever felt the frustration of staying late at work? Want to get back at the kids for neglecting the garbage duty? Perhaps there's a friend who needs a little embarrassment? Look no further — the Sing Your Order Challenge is your chance to challenge them all!

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